Reasons Why FLOS Lighting Is Unique





FLOS offers a cutting-edge structural upgrade to the everyday suspension. FLOS lighting fixtures are Italian lighting fixtures with a high idea and superior build quality that go beyond basic functioning. Some of them have even come to be regarded as industry icons for modern lighting. The company’s products, which range from instantly recognizable FLOS pendant lights like the Glo-Ball Suspension to particularly unusual pieces like the Bedside Gun Table Light, can be found all over the world. 

FLOS Interesting Facts 

The ambitions of countless generations have been illuminated for more than fifty years by luminary products made by Flos Lighting. For the business, light serves as a channel for expressing original ideas and igniting dormant emotions. Following a series of triumphant struggles and audacious choices that have shaped its identity and image, the brand interprets its past, communicates its present, and imagines its future. It has sparked controversy by examining new poetic concepts of functioning as a result of its prior experiences. Because it has always trusted its instincts, it has been able to create things that end up becoming icons, creating fresh typologies and cutting-edge archetypes. These qualities ensure that the brand is always in the spotlight. The Flos lighting imagines new languages around light to define new aesthetics and liberties for living. Lights have a serious sense of humor and irony, both now and in the past. On the thin dividing line between handicraft and industry, art and design, handcrafted and mass-produced objects, one person’s idea and the collective imagination. That is the location of Flos. 

Bring new, imaginative aspects to your interior design 

Accent side tables, one-of-a-kind molteni coffee tables, and creative table sets from design consigned will liven up your interiors. Each Italian-made piece gives your rooms imaginative new dimensions in stunning wood, marble, and steel, always putting flawless function first. Using wood and cement, design consigned created a pair of circular and oval molteni coffee tables that have a unique tactile and aesthetic effect.   

The molteni coffee table’s construction 

The molteni coffee table tops, which look like suspended trays, are made of eucalyptus wood, ash or brick red cement, and have an unusual radial pattern that was made by gluing the slabs together in a different way. The load-bearing base, a conical center plinth, is lifted from the floor through a cut in the floor. Made of pewter-or block red-painted bowed sheet metal or bended pressed wood with a eucalyptus facade. It is influential for note that the table and flexform sofa can be unsound whenever used on rugs or some other non-planar surfaces. Design consigned is a well-known Australian contemporary furniture company that has worked with well-known designers for a long time. There are three sizes from which to pick.