How Australian Football Is Played

There are many sports played in this world and each of the sport has its own fan base, but some of the sports are loved by every person of every country where it does not matter which country makes that sport their national one. Just like Australia, the most loving sports in Australia is Australian Football, it has a set of its own rules which represent the whole game and differs it from other foot ball afterpay. The Australian football is no doubt a great and a really tough game to play, unlike soccer it is played with hands just like rugby. It is played between two teams of eighteen players each; unlike soccer it has an oval ground and players have to kick the ball into the goal posts in order to achieve points, each goal is worth six points or you can put the ball between behind the post in order to collect one point.

There are no such restrictions for the players to stand in a particular position in the field; they are allowed to stand anywhere. They are allowed to use any part of their body to stop or fetch the ball while tackling, but it is not allowed for them to hold the ball, the player has to keep bouncing the ball just like basketball, if he holds the ball it is considered as a foul. Moreover, the player can also kick the ball, throwing it is not allowed according to the rules which are also considered to be a foul. The player has to tackle and fetch the ball from the opponent, he can run with the ball but only if he continues to touch or bounce the ball with the field and the opponent will have to tackle him with his body or fetch the ball using their hands but this also applies some rules and it has to be done within some limits prescribed the Australian Football rules. It is prohibited to make a dangerous contact while tackling such as pushing the player from the back and dangerously kicking him to the ground, these are considered to be a foul as well and a free kick is awarded to the player who suffers the wrong tackle.

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