What Kind Of Grass Is Suitable For You?

Are you aware of the fact that most of the grass that is seen in the lawns of different houses do not belong to your country? There are a lot of people who bring grass from different parts of the world to make their lawns as green and sensational as possible. When we talk about turf, then it is very trendy. On the other hand, the grass is available in two types; cool and warm season. For those areas where winters are very cold and summers are not that hot, cool-season grasses are best. But, when we talk about warm season grasses, they are mostly available in the South.
Following is a detailed description of these two types of grasses.

Warm Season Grasses:

For those of you who live in the Southern areas, going for warm-season grasses is the best choice. Warm season grasses are available in many different types such as Bahia, Zoysia, Buffalo, centipede, carpet, Bermuda and St. Augustine. All of these types are considered to be very durable and strong. The number one way to go with these grasses is with plugs or sod because this helps them to give a head start which enables them to grow efficiently, faster and stronger. If you are going with Bermuda grass, the best advantage of it is that it is extremely durable and grows very fast, and it can withstand any terrible weather condition. On the other hand, Zoysia is also considered to be very popular, but it contains some drawbacks related to the recovery rate. It does not grow very quickly; it takes a lot of time to flourish. 

Cool Season Grasses

Those of you who live in the northern areas of their country or in the Midwest areas, going for cool-season grasses are best. Cool season grass is available in many different types as well, such as bluegrass, bentgrass, ryegrass and red fescue. Tall fescue, thermal blue and Zoysia are used for occasional purposes, but depending on your location, these types of buffalo grass are most commonly used by lots of people. When it comes to bluegrasses, then they are considered to be the best kind of turf materials, and ryegrass is also very popular. They call it bluegrass because the colour of its seed is blue and not the colour of the grass; it is a very smooth kind of grass. Bluegrass is most commonly used in drained soils and it is very durable and strong. Some people like to use Ryegrass because it requires less maintenance and it adds a dramatic sense of beauty to your lawn. You will get smooth and very bright green leaves by using ryegrass.

So, there are a lot of choices available for you to decorate your lawn with. You can even go for buffalo grass as it is very suitable for warm seasons. It all depends on your location and your choice, but do make sure that you select the kind of grass that does not get damaged quickly.