Simple Steps You Can Take To Save Your Furniture From The Home Renovation Mess

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If you’ve ever done home renovating projects that involve drilling or breaking walls, you’ll know for sure how messy it can getand how damaging it could be on your furniture and other valuables. Here are a few steps you can take to save your possessions…the simple way!

Move all your furniture to a room away from the mess

If your home renovation is only focused on one part of your home, you can simply opt to move your furniture to the opposite side of your house, so that it will not be disturbed or harmed during the period of renovation. It is best if you could move it into an unused room of your home so that you don’t carry dust to that part of the house. Keep the furniture locked, so that it is inaccessible even by accident.

Temporarily find it another home

Not all home renovations are small, focused on one part or even done within a small period of time. if your home renovation project is the opposite of all that, we suggest it would be better for you to find your valuables, furniture including, a temporary home else where. Moving into a neighbor’s or friends house would be ideal, but we understand that this may not be an option for everyone. As an alternative option, you should also consider renting a storage unit locally for this purpose. You could easily move them with the help of furniture removalists Queanbeyan.

Speak to your hired help about taking necessary steps to reduce dust spreading

Professional movers are not the only professionals that you can approach to make this task possible. Most home renovators and constructors tend to do their best to reduce the spreading of dust; but it still pays to speak to them before you start work, making sure they understand that protecting the furniture of your home from construction dust is important to you. Ask them to use polythene walls around the renovating site to contain the dust to a certain amount. Additionally, you should also arrange for them to enter and exit the renovation site without having them tracking dust inside the rest of your home if possible.

Use polythene sheets to securely cover it

This tips applies at all instances mentioned above; regardless to what you decide to do with your furniture while the renovations are underway. Most people are of a habit of using old bed sheets to cover their furniture in instances like this. And while it’s true that it does keep the dust off the furniture to a certain extent, we believe that polythene sheets are more affective for this job.

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